Welcome to Career Analysis Academy! 

Career Analysis Academy is a comprehensive college, career and life readiness online solution (CCLR) that helps students align their strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.

CAREER EXPLORATION Connecting students' interests to their potential career paths early ensures active participation in their own academic success and opens their eyes to the wide world of career opportunities. Students experience hands on career exploration while reflecting on their personal interests with an assigned career counselor to help them along the way. 

COLLEGE AND CAREER PREPARATION Each student’s path is unique. Career Analysis Academy allows students to create a personalized plan that helps them make the right decisions throughout their academic journey. 

SELF-DISCOVERY Students build confidence by trying new things, learn softskills in a team environment and about their own likes and dislikes within a future career.  Career Analysis Academy helps students reflect on their interests and strengths, and explore a wide-variety of career options at the job-site.